How to maximise your kerb appeal

Kerb appeal is the fancy term that estate agents use to describe how attractive your property appears from the outside.  In other words, if a prospective buyer was to drive or walk by for a nosy, would the appearance of your property entice them to book a viewing?

First impressions count, so putting a bit of effort into how your home looks from the outside is definitely worth it.  We’re not suggesting you invest in a landscape gardener, or make any big changes, just that you maximise the appeal of the parts you can control.  Like the inside of your property, the outside should be clean and tidy.

Here are our top tips for setting the mood for buyers before they even cross your threshold:

  1. Windows & Doors
    Windows should be clean and sparkling, that’s an obvious one, but so many people neglect the front door.  In those few seconds between ringing the doorbell and you answering the door, your potential buyers will be staring at your front door.  Don’t let cobwebs or flaky paint let you down before you even start the tour!
  2. Driveways & Porches
    Make sure your driveway is clear of weeds. If its tarmac or monoblock and you have access to a pressure washer, give it a quick clean and you might be surprised at the difference it can make!  Make sure your porch windows and fixtures are clean and your entrance is inviting.
  3. Fences & Hedges
    Mark your property’s boundaries by making sure hedges are neatly trimmed, and any fences and gates are clean and painted.
  4. Plants & Lawns
    If you do nothing else to prepare for viewings or photographs – please cut the grass, and keep the weeds in check!  It makes such a difference to your property’s appearance.  If you can manage it, have some colourful flowers around the entrance way to make your home seem inviting and fresh.

If you need help preparing your property for photographs or viewings, get in touch with your account manager at Bensons and they will be happy to help.

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