Bensons residential letting will be only too delighted to assist in finding suitable accommodation for your needs and always have a large selection of properties. As a reputable management agent, we will:

  • Ensure that the property is offered to standard with relevant safety certificates having been obtained
  • Offer highly competitive insurance facilities (Tenants contents insurance link)
  • Provide a Legal tenancy agreement offering full protection under current housing legislation
  • Provide an Independent photo inventory at the start and end of tenancy
  • Deposit submitted to a registered deposit scheme

We can also arrange for any maintenance to be carried out by approved contractors during the period of the let by prior arrangement with the landlord.

We are 100% Remote

No matter where you are moving from, we can ensure that you won’t miss out on your dream property.

  • Remote virtual viewings
  • Electronic Leases with electronic signatures
  • All funds can be bank transferred
  • We even have a service for collecting keys out of office hours*
    • *Additional Fees apply. Limited to certain locations.

Finding a property: The process

1. Find a property you like and suits your needs. Use our search area to help narrow down location, number of bedrooms and price.

2. Apply for the property. There is often more than one applicant for rental properties, so ensuring you have completed the application process fully, will help ensure your success.

3. Complete a reference. We use a referencing site called ‘MyRentalCV’. (https://www.myrentalcv.com/). Please create a profile and update fully.

4. Call the office to notify us of your interest. We will take some details, name, email & phone number to allow us to find your Rental CV. Providing you meet the eligibility criteria such as affordability & credit checks, we will invite you for a viewing.

5. After the viewing confirm if you are still interested. We will then discuss all interested applicants with the landlord.

6. The successful applicant will be notified and be provided instruction of how to reserve the property and arrange a date for collecting keys.

(The Rental CV remains valid for any property being advertised by Bensons. Refresh is required every 3 months)

Deposit Scheme

Bensons uses Letting Protection Services Scotland (LPSS) for logging all deposits. If you are in a let property, managed by Bensons Estate Agents, your deposit will be logged with LPSS within 30 days of your lease start date.

At the beginning of your tenancy, we will conduct a full photographic inventory including meter readings. We use this to form ‘before’ photos of the property.

We will conduct the same procedure at the end of a tenancy to form ‘after’ photos. There is then a discussion between Bensons & the landlord to deem whether we feel any changes are down to normal wear & tear or seen as beyond this.

If any changes have been made without the landlord’s permission, or excessive wear & tear which is deemed beyond normal for your length of tenancy, a deduction from the deposit maybe requested.

If the tenants, do not agree with the deductions being made, the case will be taken to dispute and settled by LPSS who act as an impartial 3rd party and award the relevant balances to either landlord or tenant based on the evidence provided.

To contact LPSS regarding your deposit, their contact number is 0330 303 0031.


Do you need a guarantor?

A question we are often asked is, do you need a guarantor? The answer is maybe, and it all comes down to your personal circumstances.

Who might need a guarantor? Students, applicants with bad credit, unsecure employment, unemployed or individuals not meeting the affordability criteria.

What does my guarantor need? They need to be UK based, in full time employment, with good credit. We have an affordability check that the guarantor must meet to qualify.

How do I add a guarantor? Create a rental CV for yourself. Add a guarantor in the guarantor section of the rental CV.