New Energy Efficiency Standards

From the 1st October 2020, all landlords across the UK must ensure their rental properties have a minimum energy efficiency rating of E.

The new energy standard is part of the Government’s drive to make the United Kingdom carbon neutral by 2050. Scotland is targeting to be carbon neutral by 2045.

Any landlord with a rental property which doesn’t meet the new energy efficiency standard by October 2020 will risk being fined up to £5,000.

Improving Your Energy Efficiency

Initially, any newly let property will have to meet the new EPC standard, with all properties expected to have the minimum EPC E rating by 31 March 2022.

The new rules were set to be implemented on the 1st April 2020, however the start date has been delayed to 1st October 2020.

By 2025, all rental properties must have a minimum EPC rating D, however we can support you to make the necessary changes.

A property’s energy rating can be improved via a variety of means including, installing a new boiler, upgrading the windows or insulating the property.

If any landlord in Scotland does require financial help to make the necessary improvements, the Home Energy Scotland fund is available. If you require more information about receiving financial support from the Home Energy Scotland fund please get in touch and our lettings team will be delighted to help.

What Do Landlords Need To Do?

The first step for landlords is to check their current rental property energy rating, prior to October 2020, to assess whether they need to make any changes to their property.

If changes are required then it is best to have these completed before the deadline, where possible, and if the home improvements aren’t going to be complete, then it’s imperative to inform the local authority in advance.

If evidence can be provided to show work is set to be carried out then the local authority can offer exemptions.

We’re Here To Help

Our knowledgeable lettings agents are equipped to support you in making any necessary changes to meet the energy standard criteria. We are committed to supporting local landlords and help them meet their new regulatory obligations.

If you need help to improve your rental property EPC rating or even if you think you could be exempt, please get in touch.

You can arrange an appointment with our experienced lettings team by calling us on 01355 586420 and we will be happy to help.

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