Listed below is certification required to enable us to let out your property:

EICR – Electrical Installation Certification Report. This is required every 5 years. This can be completed by a qualified electrician. This checks the wiring of your property.

PAT – Portable Appliance Test. We complete PAT on an annual basis. This can be completed by an electrician, or a competent trained PAT technician. This checks any appliances such as washing machine, kettles & toasters.

Gas Safety – Gas Safety is required for any property with a gas supply, and is completed on a annually. This can be completed by a qualified plumber. This checks boilers, along with any other gas supplied appliances such as gas fires & cookers.

Legionella – Legionella is mainly for properties with shared water storage, although we do complete this for all properties as the council request this when renewing your landlord registration. This is completed annually. You are able to complete the Legionella check yourself using a thermometer, or by a competent trained legionella professional.

EPC – Energy Performance Certificate. This is required every 10 years. You will receive an EPC rating with a Home Report if you have recently purchased the property. EPC checks the energy efficiency of the property by assessing a properties thermal insulation, LED lighting, standard of glazing, renewable energy sources etc. this must be completed by a qualified EPC surveyor.

(A certain standard of EPC rating must be met to be able to let out a property. Please refer to Scot Govt guidance)

We are able to assist with all certifications. We work with qualified professionals and have agreed rates due to the volume of business we pass.

Landlord Registration – A registration is required for any landlord who would like to let out a property. Depending on where the rental property is located, a registration will be required with the appropriate authority.

South Lanarkshire council

North Lanarkshire council

Glasgow City council

East Renfrewshire council

Scottish Landlord Registry