How to get Show Home style

If you’ve ever visited a show home on a new development you’ll know what an art form it is to achieve that neutral, classy style.  It’s not practical to have that ‘always on show’ feel in a home that is lived in everyday, but there are some easy ways you can replicate that clean, classic feel without sacrificing how you live!

  1. Think minimal

Walk around your home as if you are a potential buyer and cast an eye over the things you have on display.  Think as critically as you can and try to thin out the photos, knickknacks and personal debris!  You don’t have to get rid of these treasures, just pack them away, ready for pride of place in your new home.

  1. Light it up!

Good lighting is key to creating an atmosphere and showing off your home’s best assets.  Take a look at your rooms at different times of the day and see if a desk lamp or two would help show it off at its best.

  1. “It’s a what room?”

If your spare bedroom has become the dumping ground, you need to turn it back into a bedroom – or office, or playroom – just as long as it has a purpose other than somewhere to keep your winter coats!

  1. Beautiful bed

Fresh crisp white bedding is can create an expensive hotel feel, but it isn’t always the most practical!  Replace any tatty old bedding with some lovely new duvet covers and make sure the bed is always made when viewers come to call.  Help them imagine relaxing here.

  1. Spa at home

It doesn’t take much to make a bathroom look inviting.  Clean it, hide the extra lotions and potions, and invest in some new fluffy towels and voila, a spa at home!

If you need some help in getting your home ready for viewings, get in touch with your Bensons’ account manager today for some advice.


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