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Preparing your property to sell during self-isolation

We’ve spoken to several local people over the last few weeks who were hoping to sell their home or are still wishing to do so shortly. Due to the current lockdown rules in place, there are numerous restrictions meaning selling your home and buying another is a much slower process. However, there are some steps you can take now to make use of this extra time at home and could allow you to sell your property a bit quicker once the lockdown ends.

We’ve listed 5 top tips to get your property ready for selling once the current rules are lifted. This means you can have plenty of viewers lined up to potentially buy your home once it is deemed safe to do so.

At Bensons Estate Agents we’re providing remote valuations of properties and helping sellers start the process. If we can help you or you would like to talk about your options, please give us a call on 01355 907 701.

Preparing Your House To Sell

We’ve been selling properties locally for over 20 years and there are a few adjustments you can make which often makes it easier to sell a home. Making small improvements and taking steps to improve your property can work wonders.

Our top 5 tips are:

  1. Lick of paint – The transformation in a property after re-painting can be exactly what a property needs to help it sell quickly. If you’re planning on painting and don’t have the supplies already, you can order online or click and collect, so you remain safe.
  2. Home improvements – There are jobs we all put to the end of the list, such as home improvements. Whether it’s cutting the grass, killing the weeds or DIY jobs around you house, you can add value to your property whilst at home.
  3. Maximise space – we all have a cupboard that’s used for storage and over time becomes overloaded; often referred to as “the cupboard of shame”. However, by clearing rooms and re-arranging your possessions, you can make the available space feel larger.
  4. Start to de-clutter – When moving home you’ll generally find older clothes, documents, boxes and items which you don’t need or want. Start the process of recycling or clearing your home of unwanted items. Not only will it make your home look larger, but you’ll have less to do when your house is sold.
  5. Give us a call – If you’re thinking about selling your home in 2020 we’ll be delighted to discuss how Bensons Estate Agents can help you. We’ll provide a remote valuation walk through of your property using Whatsapp/ Skype or Zoom to value your home and give you our thoughts on how quickly your home could sell.

Using this time in self-isolation to prepare for moving home is beneficial. We are currently helping people who want to move home with free advice, expertise and remote valuations. We’ve even managed to sell properties remotely and we can help you too.

If you are interested in finding out more about how we can help get you prepared for selling your home then please get in touch.

You can call us on 01355 907 701 or email us at

Remember it’s important to stay home and stay safe during this period. We look forward to welcoming you back into our offices and meeting with you once it’s safe to do so.

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