How to appeal to your viewers

Once all the photographs have been taken, the listings have gone online and the enquiries have started to roll in, that’s when the real work begins.  Showing people around your property is one of the most important parts of the process of selling your home.  It lets a prospective buyer find out the details about your property and the area around it, and start to picture themselves living there.

So how do you make the best first impression and turn a viewer into a buyer?  Here are our top tips for hosting the perfect viewing:

  1. Choose a good time for both of you

Let your estate agent know a selection of times that suit you in advance.  That way you aren’t rushing a viewer around your house so you can pick up the kids from school on time; or if you work late every Friday, don’t book a viewing for a Saturday morning when you’ll be tired and your home won’t be tidied!  At the same time, try to be flexible – if you’re trying to appeal to commuters, or families with children, make yourself available as many evenings and weekends as possible.

  1. Remember Kerb Appeal

The first part of your property a viewer will see is the outside, so no matter how spotless and glamorous it is on the inside, it’s got to look good in the open-air too!  Check out our kerb appeal tips here.

  1. Help them imagine

Tell the story of your home; why you fell in love with it and why you’ll be sad to leave.  Keep your house tidy and clean, but looking like it’s been lived in.  Don’t try to hide every sign that kids or pets exist!  Your viewers want to picture living there, so help them do that.

  1. Don’t oversell

Just like the ‘can I help you’ people in shops we all love to hate, don’t be a pushy seller.  It’s your estate agent’s job to make the sale, you are just laying the groundwork.

  1. Make a lasting impression

Try to keep your home’s best feature for last.  If you have a fantastic kitchen, or beautiful views from a window, or a lovely family friendly garden, keep it to the end so viewers leave thinking about that fabulous final feature.

If you need help to show your home off in the best light, speak to our team about estate agent led viewings.

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